Doctor Who 102: Widen Your Gaze - Chapter Two: The White Light Divine

Doctor Who: Widen Your Gaze - a science fiction ghost story


Chapter Two: The White Light Divine

As the Doctor sets a very dangerous trap, Julia finds herself in a strange empty place where madmen tell their stories, and there's a ghost in the machine.

The Doctor ... K. Woo
Julia Shahid ... Valina Cutler
Welcott ... Joe J. Thomas 
Fair Hair ... Justin Fife
Cruz ... Al Gordon
Lupez ... Lisa Michaud
VTI Computer ... Stan Endvico
Lawyer ... Glen Bartram 

Written by Vince Stadon
Doctor Who logo by John Callaghan
Art by Valina Cutler
Many thanks to
Afternoon Tea Adventures' Doctor Who series is a free, not-for-profit fan production and is in no way associated with the British Broadcasting Corporation. It was created as a celebration of the series, without intent to supersede or infringe on existing copyrights or intellectual property. Doctor Who, the TARDIS, and other registered sounds and concepts remain property of the BBC.

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