Doctor Who Extra: Three Days

"Three Days"

A five minute bonus scene for Doctor Who Season 1.

After a nightmare experience surving on the streets, Julia Shahid is finally reunited with the Doctor - but is the Doctor in any position to help?

K Woo as The Doctor
Fazia Rizvi as Julia

Directed by Valina Cutler

Doctor Who Extra 2: Widen Your Gaze Art Wallpaper

Now on Podbean/iTunes, a full version of Valina Cutler's superb, atmospheric montage art for our very first Doctor Who story Widen Your Gaze.  Downloadable as a hi-res image, it makes a lovely art print or desktop wallpaper.

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Doctor Who Extra 1: About The Doctor

Merry Christmas from Afternoon Tea Adventures!

As a little special extra, we are proud to present a letter from Julia Shahid to her younger sister, in which she sets down some of her thoughts about her friend, that mysterious adventurer in Space and Time known only as The Doctor...

Doctor Who 102: Widen Your Gaze - Chapter Two: The White Light Divine

Doctor Who: Widen Your Gaze - a science fiction ghost story


Chapter Two: The White Light Divine

As the Doctor sets a very dangerous trap, Julia finds herself in a strange empty place where madmen tell their stories, and there's a ghost in the machine.

Doctor Who 101: Widen Your Gaze - Chapter One: The Ghost Train

Doctor Who: Widen Your Gaze - a science fiction ghost story.

“The mind is its own place, and in its self
Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”
--John Milton, Paradise Lost.

Doctor Who Teaser Trailer 4

Our first Doctor Who story is titled Widen Your Gaze, and it's released on November 23rd 2017. 

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Doctor Who 105: Big Stompy Robots - Chapter Two: Plan D from Outer Space

Doctor Who: Big Stompy Robots  - a sci-fi romp.